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Our Team

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Dr. Rotem Rubinstein

Dr. Rotem Rubinstein completed his Ph.D. studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine under the supervision of Prof. Steve Almo and Prof. Andras Fiser. His studies have focused on receptor-ligand interactions regulating the immune response. As a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University, Dr. Rubinstein worked with Prof. Barry Honig and Prof. Larry Shapiro on the molecular basis of neuronal self-avoidance, a process requiring neurons to discriminate between self and non-self. 

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Smorodinsky-Atias Karin, Ph.D.


Mariana Agezel, M.Sc. student

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Racheli Levi, M.Sc. student


Gil Wiseglass, Ph.D. student


Alina Artyukhova, Ph.D. student

Mariana Mgezel, M.Sc. student


Nadir Boni, M.Sc. student


Rinat Geyman, M.Sc. student

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Shir Kaizman, B.Sc. student

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Milana Melamed, B.Sc.
Yael Grossmann, B.Sc.
Neta Zamberg, B.Sc.
Maya Kashani, M.Sc.
Shalev Lavi, B.Sc.
Josef Brook, B.Sc.
Rotem Balter, B.Sc.
Adir Yarmus, B.Sc.
Vaibhav Gupta, M.Sc

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